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  • Vasudev
  • My biggest struggle in convincing myself whether to go where life is taking me or take charge and choose a different path. 🙄

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  • People just do not understand the difference between arrogance and ego. Judge me all you want, but I am arrogant, not egotistic. Period.

  • Why do we always need survivor stories of abuse? Should we not have more stories of perpetrators who have now changed and are feeling better about it? We need to add this new aspect to our perspective. Yes, I accept I have been a bully, I accept I used to like sexist songs and I also accept that I had been discriminating on multiple grounds. But,…Read More

  • Rishtedaar – what do you think of them? Any awkward experience?

  • On the last 4 series that I watched, mental illnesses and homosexuality have been portrayed very well. The approach has been not to use it to hype it but to just make it normal. It is so comforting. I think the Indian entertainment industry should start focusing on their inclusion of such characters also. It really gives strength.

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    Vasudev is feeling Annoyed with Vishalnikumbh and 2 others

    It feels so bad when they kill your favourite characters onscreen 🙄

    • Don’t worry, I’m a magician, I’ll make them again onscreen very soon 😂🤩

    • True.. btw who is the character you are talking about?

      • Every series has this one character which has to die and I fall for that one character. 😂 Case in point – there is a series Dawson’s creek in which there is a character Jen. They kill her 🥲

    • Literally, I no more get attached to a movie character, it’s really hurting to see our favorite character’s death.

      • I get so attached that I cry in every series that I watch 😂 infact I was so troubled by this that I had to check on the internet to see if this is an abnormality 🙄

  • I take my words back. I want a simple life. Please undo my prayers 🙄🙄

  • Confession: I literally embrace disaster. Matlab self-sabotage seems to be a hobby. Anybody else?

    • I never do so but unfortunately, I am still not able to do things I want to cause even after having my will to do that work I don’t get a chance to do it. lol

      • And that creates a mild uneasiness? This condition is when you ideal self is not in line your actual self. Ideal self means that version of you which you want to be, and actual self means the version you are. The closer the gap between the two, the happier the person is. This increases has many effects, like increase in confidence, better…Read More

  • Why do nights make us so damn vulnerable? As why do we share so much at night but during the day we all have our facades. Are we scared of being judged? Perhaps we are. I am.

  • I like swimming, but I can’t. I love dancing, but I can’t. And it is very sad when you want something but you can have it. 😞

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