Golden Kota Tissue With Aari Work Pheasant With Sequin Flower


Adorned with Pheasant embroidery, this will make you feel in sync with your inner soul.




The golden tissue threads woven into the saree gives an amazing sheen to the whole saree. The desire to dazzle will surely be fulfilled with this dress which is also elegant in the first look itself.

Sequins are a type of embellishment used to decorate fabrics for fashion and other ornamental purposes. They are essentially glittering disc-like beads that are quite flat and come in a wide range of colours and shapes. With some garments like lehenga cholis or tunics, sequins ribbons are added to Zari, Resham or cut dana work borders to create an attractively intricate and glitzy look for the garment.

Aari work embroidery uses beads and stones to create a sparkling effect on the garments. These embellishments are placed in such a way that they create an intrinsic web like pattern to create an intrinsic look. Aari work is more of thread and needlework; however, stones and other embellishments are used to add richness to the embroidery. Aari work is considered appropriate for all seasons as it can be done on velvet, silkcotton, cotton silk, chanderi, and many other fabrics. This makes Aari embroidery products suitable for people of all demographics. Hand embroidery Aari work is used to create intricate designs all over the garment or on certain parts of the product to enhance its look.

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