Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Indikaari?

Indikaari is an e-commerce marketplace where artisans, artists and small businesses can sell their goods.

Who can use this platform?

Indikaari is for any small business, artist practising traditional Indian art or craftsman and artisan engaged in crafts making handicraft or handloom items. They should have access to a printer.

Why to choose this platform when there are so many others?

Indikaari provides support services which can help you elsewhere also. Our packages include webinars, consultation, linkage to opportunities and trainings. We are a seller-centric comprehensive platform and we believe in empowering you to maximise your potential.

A seller does not have a GST, can they sell?

As per law, a GST is needed for online selling and the threshold limit does not apply to online sellers. If you do not have a GST, we have included in our plans and we will register you and file your GST for transactions made through us.

What are the services offered?

With Indikaari sellers can post your products for sale through their e-store. We manage everything from there, including your billing, courier, reverse courier(returns), payment and refund and marketing. Apart from this, we offer webinars, more opportunities, sessions on e-commerce mastery, GST registration, GST filing for our transactions, registrations with other portals and mentoring.

Is it free?

We have three plans which have different deliverables according to business sizes. They are curated to ensure that the required services reach the appropriate business. Apart from this, we charges per order for which we have a charges sheet which can be obtained from us anytime.

What is e-store?

A personalised URL will be connected to a virtual store where sellers can showcase your products. It serves as a catalogue wherever they go. They can use in any exhibition or a casual meeting. Orders placed will be fulfilled by us. You can customise the e-store with your logo and graphics.

How will I know my orders and track my progress?

Every seller has their own unique dashboard from there they can manage their payments, see how many people are visiting their store and how many are being converted. You will be able to see all your orders and understand which products people like and you should use more.

I don’t know online things and can’t upload many products. Can I get help?

As per our plans, you can simply give us an excel sheet of your products. And we will handle the rest. We cannot change you prices and that has to be ascertained by you.

Who is responsible for packaging? Are products picked from my doorstep?

The courier company will pick up the product from your address. We will provide you with the shipping label for use in courier service providers. The products will be packaged by the seller. Packaging material can be brought from us or they can use their own packaging.

What is the payment cycle?

The payment will be deposited to your account within 10 days of the order fulfillment. Usually, online payments are made faster.


Read the charges sheet while on-boarding. All matters are subject to Lucknow jurisdiction.