Frequently Asked Questions


Who can register?

Any small business or artist practising traditional Indian art or craftsman and artisan engaged in crafts making handicraft or handloom items. They should have access to a printer.

Is there support offered?

Indikaari provides support services which can help you elsewhere also. Our packages include webinars, consultation, linkage to opportunities and trainings. We are a seller-centric comprehensive platform and we believe in empowering you to maximise your potential.

What are the services offered?

With Indikaari sellers can post your products for sale through their e-store. We manage everything from there, including your billing, courier, reverse courier(returns), payment and refund and marketing. Apart from this, we offer webinars, more opportunities, sessions on e-commerce mastery, GST registration, GST filing for our transactions, registrations with other portals and mentoring.

What is an e-store?

E-store is your customised link which leads to your catalogue from where people can buy. It can be used for people whom you can reach out or where you want to exhibit your work. All your products can be showcased and purchased from one place. The link will have the format: www.indikaari.in/store/<your store name>

What is the payment cycle?

The payment will be deposited to your account within 10 days of the order fulfillment. 

Can someone with no GST sell?

We help you register and get a GST and also provide support in filing the returns. Apart from this, you can also sell via us without a GST.

What are the charges?

We charge commission on the sale of the product which is shared with them earlier. The charges of courier, packaging, payment gateway are payable as per applicable. Apart from this, we have paid sessions and cohorts where we train the participants in e-commerce and their own art/craft. This is subject to availability.


How do I track an order?

Every seller has their own unique dashboard from there they can check and process their order, manage their payments, see how many people are visiting their store and how many are being converted. You will be able to see all your orders and understand which products people like and you should use more.

Who is responsible for packaging?

The seller is responsible for packaging. We can provide packaging material at the request of any seller.

How does shipping work?

The courier is picked from your doorstep and delivered. The charges of the courier are shared with you beforehand. You can charge your customers or bear the cost of shipping yourself. Any returns are charged to the seller.

Do you take return products?

As per our policy, we allow returns subject to conditions. As a seller, you can maintain your own policy which people will be able to see in your store. Any returns made are charged to the seller.

Who should I to contact if I have any queries?

You simply write an email to indikaariofficial@gmail.com