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Indikaari Originals


We all love the small things which make us feel at home. These are the everyday things which remind us that we still seek joy and comfort in Indianness, be it the ‘dari’ on which we sit, the ‘steel ke bartan’ which are used in the house and the children playing on the road nearby, generally seven stone or ‘pithhoo’. These anecdotes from the past are best preserved by the people who seen it all, our grandparents. Join our esteemed guest speaker, Vimla Dadi, narrate to us life from the 1960 to 2021 in the most relatable way. Her story is as inspiring as it is interesting. She started her journey in Maullasar village in Rajasthan and is now in Ahmedabad, Gujarat after having stayed in Karnataka and Mumbai. Her experiences make us privileged to have her presence.

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