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2021 was the year where I (Jessica) hosted only South Asian guests! Hear 2-4 min blurbs from 8 of our best episodes with powerful, empathetic and informational interviews! 

In this episode we highlight: 

  • Episode 48 – The Carolina Desis – Rashmili Vemula and Gurtej Singh – language and how that fits into their identity as Indian Americans
  • Episode 50  – Kunal Dutt- historian and activist, We dive into Bihar’s rich history and why its in danger. @SaveHistoricPatnaCollectorate
  • Episode 53 – Positivity- Rashmi Chadha- female entrepreneur, business coach owner of WoVoyage women’s travel company. An inspiring story from a woman who has overcome sexism, tragedy and disability.
  • Episode 55 – Vaishali Patel – Gujarati and Hindi teacher Sanskar Teaching (see discount for Sanskar Teaching on
  • Episode 56 – Anita Sachariah- Founder of Bhasha Kids- talk about heritage language and teaching kids Indian languages. We were on a panel as part of the Lingua Cultura Experience Listen in! (see discount for Bhasha Kids on
  • Episode 57 and 58 – Tripti Lahiri, author of Maid in India – Get ready to geek out on economics of the informal labor market.
  • Episode 62 – Kevin Wilson, CEO of Chai and tiktok storyteller. Third culture kid.
  • Episode 64 and 65 – Yoga is Dead with Jesal Parikh – We dive into elements of cultural appropriation and we answer Who Killed Yoga? Interesting and provocative episodes.

In 2022, I will be focusing more on Hindi resources and language innovators. Expect to see more from me about linguistics and I plan to bring more reviews and more language innovators to the show. 

Know a company that would like to sponsor the show? Have an idea for a guest who is breaking stereotypes in South Asian spaces? Write to me [email protected]


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