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In this episode we cover a wide variety of information about Rajastan’s vegetarian hot spot, Pushkar and touch on Ajmer’s Khwaja Sahib Shrine. We talk about pro travel trips in India and some specific to Rajastan.

What does it feel like in Pushkar? Chai, falafel, good coffee shops, temples, camels and hippies. What is so special about Ajmer Sharif’s shrine to Moinuddin Chishti? How many humps do Indian camels have? Learn about where the gypsy people originated from. Is dressing up in traditional banjaara clothes cultural appropriation? What is Abhishek’s favorite non-touristy food to try in Pushkar? How do you show cultural respect while visiting a Muslim shrine? Listen and find explore with us.

A few things we mentioned in the episode:
-Check out to book trains, but for more information on the actual timelines and reliability of Indian trains, try, – for figuring out which trains to take and if they are on time or late.
-To learn more about the his…

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