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Hear Jessica’s story about giving birth in India and fighting against cultural norms to try for a natural, unmedicated birth.

There is a gaping hole of awareness of natural birth in India and there are many reasons contributing to that which are discussed on the podcast.
Did you know that India skipped the Industrial Revolution? India went from an Agricultural Society to a Digital Society in a short amount of time. Imagine the jump in generation gap! This is one of the contributing factors to why many people have odd thoughts on medical science, including childbirth.

Nowadays people basically say that more intervention in medicine is better and women become the victims of the overmedicalization of birth, especially in India where some reports show that 80% of births in hospitals are performed by cesarean.

Doctors in India aren’t taught problem solving or personalizing medicine for the individual. Are you a doctor or OBGYN? Leave your comments? Do you think this is true?


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