Our Story

Indikaari implies "someone who adds an Indian touch"

"Indi" stands for Indian and "Kaari" is Hindi for "somebody who makes".

What we do

We are creating a global community of India-loving people and enabling them to experience the diverse Indian culture together.

India is a country of stories. There are tales of the Himalayas and the Maharajas of the west. While the anecdotes of playing cricket in the by-lanes can be heard by all, there are also few who never set foot on the ground. We strive to bring every aspect of India to your home. We tell these stories through songs, stories and all possible means. 

Our team

While it is true that a house is made a home by lots of people, each one special in their own way.
These are the people who conceptualised this house for our family.

Vasudev Bajpai


With an experience in mobilising people and planning campaigns for not-for-profit organisation founded by him, Vasudev brings to the table the creative as well as strategic skills. Coming from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, his love for people sharing stories started the journey of Indikaari.

Vishal Nikumbh


Vishal is a serial entrepreneur who bears the responsibility to establish organisational frameworks, including team and infrastructure management. His vision to spread Indianness into the corners of the world using technology guided him into Indikaari

Standing by us

We have partnered with De Haath Society. A non-governmental organisation working for youth development, driving them to social action and self growth.  They engage with the youth, train them and building their capacities.