The multi-cultural Indian cinema

The cinema of South India is used to refer collectively the four distinct film industries of South India – Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries – as a single entity. They are based in Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, and Bangalore. Although developed independently for a long period of time, gross exchange of film performers and technicians as well as globalisation helped to shape this new identity in Indian Cinema. Good Cinema is made in every industry. Just because Hindi language is spoken on larger scale, Hindi movie has larger reach. I can see some answers stating DDLJ, Sholay were all much talked overseas but none of the south movie is listed. Stereotypes are in every industry. Bollywood still has that DDLJ kind of screenplay even today. South movies especially Telugu and Tamil movies have commercial story lines where heroes does all sorts of anti-gravity things. For me Bollywood cinema is like having a fine dine in a restaurant.

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